puffle page

golden puffle

heres some cool things the yellow puffle can do:

1. When you dance it sings along.

2. When it super plays it directs a movie that you cant see.

3. When it dreams it dreams of becoming a super hero. 

 4.When it eats It turns food into a model statue of furniture.

5. When it takes a bath some of its colours wash off and it goes red but then changes back again.

6.when you feed it bubble gum it draws a face on it.

7.when you feed it a biscuit it turns it into a mask,wearsit then eats it.

8.When it plays normally it paints a picture of a cannon and shows you it.

Sadly you can only buy the yellow puffle if you are a member but theres always the blue and red puffle to enjoy.



red puffle

here are some pretty neat stuff the

 red puffle can do:

1.when it has a bath it surfs

2.Giant mouth for eating then burps

3.when super plays it gets shot from

 a cannon(dont worry it parachutes back)

4.when it normal plays it pretends its a bowling bowl

5.he blows himself up instead of the gum

6.he uses his biscuit as a boumerang

7.you can surf with it on the surfing game

8.you do not have to be a member to adopt this marvelous little creature


1.uses a hair dryer when bathing

2.does the same as the red puffle to eat

3.he flies when he super plays

4.when he normal plays he juggles on a unicycle

5.when you give him a biscuit he bounces on it then hoovers it up

6.he blows gum into a horse

7.he flies when you dance


1.she puts on snorklers when she bathes

2.normal eating habbits

3.when she super plays she bounces on a trampoline

4.when she normal plays she skips

5.she flies with bubble gum

6.she pretends to be pac man with the biscuit

7.she dances with you



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