please comment

since iv’e started this site i havn’t been recieving much comments so iv’e decided to have a compotition and the winner gets a new,stylish,non-member,comes with three items,all of the buckets of paint and me as there enter this compotition you have to comment to me saying how much people you have told about this site,your email or your parents email and why you think you should win this penguin.

if you win the compotition,I will email you with the name and password.the contest ends at the end of new years eve.GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!


4 Responses to “please comment”

  1. I would like your spare character because my person is banned for 78 hours and i would love to be your buddy and my email adress is


    your email isn’t

  2. hey thats not my email whos cheating ive allready got a penguin i dont need a nother whos email is


    i know ill try and find out who it is

  3. sorry Wwezac,i saw the contest and realy wanted to win but i thought if i
    pretended to be somone brumm19 new then i would have a better chance of
    winning and by the way all that i said when i was Wwezac is my reasons
    for winning im talking to brumm19 now

    why did you do that?

  4. ok
    if u tell people about my site then i might just forgive u

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