non-member news

if your not a member and cannot get some of the items here on clubpenguin then why not have a look at my new non-member catagory and maybe youl start to like it even when your not a might just cheer you up and every thing we put on will be especialy for will have all sorts of pins free items and glitches for you so even if your a member you may want to have a quick look to see if theres anything there you havn’t seen before.


5 Responses to “non-member news”

  1. how do we go to it 80


    what do you mean?

  2. grrr my smile didnt work



  3. Brumm19 seriously i understand hey bob101 i am wwezac,on the side bar that says cool catagories there is a button that says Non-Member click on that to see all brumm19’s great nonmember stuff

    ok thnx zac

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