Party from wwezac

Wwezac wanted me to tell everybody that me and Wwezac are having a party on this server d-u-asi.jpgWhere?     we will be in the dance club and the coffee shop Time on the club penguin clock is: 9:00 amWhy?    to celebrate this site and the authors site

day:  27th january

who/ the viewers and authors of this site.

please come to this fabulous party,we will accept most requests to be peoples (it would be easier for us if you comment so that when we see you we will know whos buddy requests to accept,and if you think that there is somone not very nice and think that we shouldn’t accept them to be our buddys then please tell us in time) buddy and both of us hope to meet the other authors

(comment to tell me if your coming) the after party that is a bit later will be at Wwezac’s igloo and he will put his igloo on the map (member igloos)

for more infomation,please visit

i hope that you come if you can,



One Response to “Party from wwezac”

  1. yinyang15cp Says:

    Hey, i like your site! It is pretty cool. I know you dont know me but if you want i could come to your party and add you to my blogroll. Oh and could you plz check out my site at


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