compotition notice

look out for my new compotition coming soon with a special prize!

my compotition starts on sunday 3rd of febuary.

what you have to do is:

spread the name of my site( to as many other sites as you possibly can and then comment to tell me how many you spreaded it to.

tell me about how many times you have been on my site.

tell me a GOOD joke

tell me an ace/funny clubpenguin name

then tell me your clubpenguin name(if you dont have one then you can make that one up aswell)

and last but definatly not least, REMEMBER TO PUT EMAIL ADDRESS ON

just comment with the answers and who knows, maybe you could be the next winner on my site.if you are then i will email you with the prize!

and ovcourse, your name will be put in the page of fame!!!

good luck!!!


5 Responses to “compotition notice”

  1. I probably spread ur site the most ur on my blogroll ive recommended it on my site and others like orbvabs and many othes

    how much do i visit ur site 100s of times

    My name is wwezac

    email u no

    funny name: hew jass

    joke Q. What do you call a man that can play a guitar with out arms or legs…

    A. clever dick




    cause you never put me on yours when i had you on mine, however, if you put me on yours then i will add you


  3. hi i ike told about yyour website at every single place i go on (thats about 1000 places) sooooooooooooooooo yeah

  4. OK i told about u on my blog on myspace
    The joke is whats white , black and red all over ?

    Answer is : a ran over panda bear !

  5. my club penguin name is lelemagic an funny penguin name is loco coconut my best frend kkk bye


    i think we might of just found a winner!!!

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