New changes

there has been a few new changes in the last few days that i would like to let you know of.

1. i have got a new theme

2. i won’t be working AS hard on this site for the next week or so

3. i have to do a few posts this friday on

4. i will be helping my little brother’s site(Rorster17) out so that i can put him on my blogroll,

5. i have hired 3 new staff(graser3, coolieperson and Rorster17) on 9/2/08(all 3 of them were authers)

6. i have took ying yang15 off my blog-roll because of my policy (check on “site policy’s” the page)

7. i added Graser3 and coolieperson to my blog-roll


One Response to “New changes”

  1. cool u have really cool penguin i have a penguin her name shau5 i liked ur website and i hape o meet u in clubpenguin and i wish u good luck in ur life

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