compotition winner!!!

sorry its a bit later than i thought but here goes 

thank you for all of the entries for my compotition, and im glad to say, i finaly have a winner!!!

here is the winning entry,

hi i like told about your website at every single place i go on (thats about 1000 places) sooooooooooooooooo yeah,
OK i told about u on my blog on myspace
The joke is whats white , black and red all over ?
Answer is : a ran over panda bear !
my club penguin name is lelemagic an funny penguin name is loco coconut my best frend kkk bye.

so well done………. Leah!!!

i will email you with the prize and ofcourse, your name will be put on my page of fame.

get ready for the next compotition coming up in a few weeks and good luck!!!


One Response to “compotition winner!!!”

  1. crispycool1 Says:

    what is the prize. also how do you sign up.

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