W.A.R season over!!!

W.A.R season over so that we have time to build up our army’s again. i will do another post when it is back on but until then, spread the word to all of your freinds to fight for the weirdos(my team) or the dreaded robots(Wwezacs team).

if you want to join the W.A.R then please have a look at my W.A.R page for the details.


2 Responses to “W.A.R season over!!!”

  1. Hi Brendan,

    This looks like a lot of fun for you and your mates.

    Happy Easter

    Love Nana

    PS maybe you can send me a message from time to tome on business address

  2. crispycool1 Says:

    cool. ill probabobaly go with wwezac but thats just cause i dont want to be a wierdo. it should be something a bit more cool. sorry. were is youre war page.

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