im going to go on holiday on thursday so i cant do the post on friday. if any of you can help, please comment before thursday so i can add you as an author so you can do the post.


if you do help then i will put you on my blogroll for a mongth at the least. i might offer you a full time job whitch equals a full time job on my blogroll!!! but only if the post is good enough. you will be aloud to put a link to your site on the post, so please do comment and help me out.

Thank You,

                           and goodbye from Brumm19!!!


4 Responses to “NOTICE PLEASE READ”

  1. your great!



  2. mario800123 Says:

    I can!

  3. mario800123 Says:

    is it ok that i dont have a site too?


    youl have to have a site

  4. mario800123 Says:

    ok,I created a site that I will update! It’s called So now can I do it?


    course, why not. when you look at your dashboards, my site will be on it. thnx

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