April Fool’s Party Cheats!

The april fool’s party if here! The Propeller hat is in the ski village! Move your mouse over one of the mountains and theres a message! The swirly glasses is at the cove! Move your mouse over the umbrella  and it flies away! Move your move of the rock and something happens! Move your mouse over the sign and the trees shake! The forest is upside down!Remember to check out the rest of the rooms! And the new pin is at the mine shack,complete the dot to dot to get it!Oh and in the test servers at http://www.clubpenguin.com/cpip/  ,you’re a green puffle! Here’s a picture of me!Green

Click to enlarge. You can do cool tricks too! But being a green puffle in the test servers is only today! Oh the paper dojo from last year is back! You can go on walls! And check out the iceburg! Well that all! Have a wacky April Fool’s day!From http://clubpenguinmario.wordpress.com/ Please visit it!


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