golden puffle

heres some cool things the yellow puffle can do:

1. When you dance it sings along.

2. When it super plays it directs a movie that you cant see.

3. When it dreams it dreams of becoming a super hero. 

 4.When it eats It turns food into a model statue of furniture.

5. When it takes a bath some of its colours wash off and it goes red but then changes back again.

6.when you feed it bubble gum it draws a face on it.

7.when you feed it a biscuit it turns it into a mask,wearsit then eats it.

8.When it plays normally it paints a picture of a cannon and shows you it.

Sadly you can only buy the yellow puffle if you are a member but theres always the blue and red puffle to enjoy.


cool grey puffle house

If youve fallen in love with your puffles but find a home for your grey puffle then this is the cheat for you my dear freind.


just simply click on the NEW sign above the yellow puffle house and wallah, the grey puffle house is yours (if you have enough money).

clothing catalog hidden items

This is where you find:                            

   1.the glorious red guitar                                                                                                                         


                    2.swimming goggles                                   personal favourite the red viking helmet.                          


there are more hidden itemes but im afraid youll hav to go on the following website for them.

New pin

The new pin is on a rock at the cove but its up to you to find out what it is.


6 Responses to “CHEATS”

  1. you should think about putting glitches on urweb site as little videos
    we might do that

  2. penyobenny Says:

    maybe plan partys??

  3. Have a nice day !

  4. hey a grey puffle dosen’t exist

  5. i think i know how to get a orange puffle they do exist i saw one penguin had it if u win all the levels in jet pack then click on th edges then adopt it

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