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sorry iv not been doing any posts latley, but i was banned forever(i emailed and explained what happend(its a long story)), but now im back and better than ever!!!

anyway, thanks to wwezac for filling in for me while i was gone and i will do so on his site aswell.


iv got a 2nd site now

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iv got a second site now but its not very good, im still gonna do LOADS of work on this site but my other site is just to help me get more hits. the name of the site is

still go on this site LOADS though


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Rorster17 is my lil bro and although its not particually spectacular(like mine), we hope to get it quite good. Iv made him a deal that if he keeps me on his blogroll then i will add him on mine when he gets 1000 hits so i hope you all help him get his site good(by spreading his site to your friends) aswell as i am going to be posting a few club penguin cheats onto it PLUS he’s telling you about you tube and theres jobs available on his site aswell!!!

please have a look!!!

Party from wwezac

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Wwezac wanted me to tell everybody that me and Wwezac are having a party on this server d-u-asi.jpgWhere?     we will be in the dance club and the coffee shop Time on the club penguin clock is: 9:00 amWhy?    to celebrate this site and the authors site

day:  27th january

who/ the viewers and authors of this site.

please come to this fabulous party,we will accept most requests to be peoples (it would be easier for us if you comment so that when we see you we will know whos buddy requests to accept,and if you think that there is somone not very nice and think that we shouldn’t accept them to be our buddys then please tell us in time) buddy and both of us hope to meet the other authors

(comment to tell me if your coming) the after party that is a bit later will be at Wwezac’s igloo and he will put his igloo on the map (member igloos)

for more infomation,please visit

i hope that you come if you can,


another one!!!

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hurray!!!,iv found a new awsome game site that you guys can visit and tell me if its any good(by commenting).just type in to google, tribal wars ,and click on the one that says

Tribal Wars-middle age browser game

it will come up with this browny coloured back-ground screen,if you scroll down just a tiny bit then you will see in big letters somthing that says


click on that and a screen pops up with a choice of world,now me,wwezac and a thew of our other freinds chose world 10 meaning if you wanted to be our buddy,youd have to go in world 10 because if your not in the same world as somone,when you type in there name to add buddy it will say


Then,when youv decided which world you want to live in it will come up with a screen asking for your name and password,now obviously im not going to tell you what to put for that apart from your name(not your real one!),your password and your email address.When youv written it all click on the box next to i accept the terms of use then click on register.Then if it comes up with the main screen again type in your name and password on the right hand side,because it is the first time youv logged in you have to select a position for your village


North west


South west

south east

they are the options,if you want to be near me and wwezac then pick south east.When youv picked,it will come up with a screen of a quite empty village,at the right hand side there will be a white square box(the tutorial),at the top of it there will be,terminate on the left and minimise on the right,if you minimise it you can always just press maximise but if you terminate you cant get it back.If you click on the head quarters(the big house in the middle)a new screen comes up with choices such as up-grading and constructing.Now heres what can happen,the higher your hq’s level is the faster it builds things,you need wood clay and iron so up-grade your timber camp clay pit and iron mine,the higher the level of your farm the more villagers you can have,you need a big warehouse to store all of your resources(wood,clay and iron),when people attack your town they can steel resources but not when there in your hiding place so be sure to keep that nice and big.There are other things and places you can construct or up-grade along the way such as a wall to help your defence against enemy’s and a barraks for you to by men and when your somone’s buddy you can send them resources and different types of men and so can they.

so why dont you have a go and see if you like it

if you need help on somthing please comment and i can reply so make sure you have a look at the comments to see if iv commented back


recomended sites

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here are some highly recomended sites you should try out belive me you may be suprised


just try them!

my partners site

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if your looking for some better helpful tips try my partners site hes even got guides for missions,how to find rockhopper and alsorts,heres the site name