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You Tube JammDoderBros

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i hav made a you tube account so plz visit my channel to watch the vids, there not cp vids but there funny, my fav is

J~D~B – Death Of Brendan Dodger

clik here to get to the channel

theres Gangster lady’s, Deaths, contests and much more

heres a taster: The death of Brendan Dodger

plz comment and subscribe



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im going to go on holiday on thursday so i cant do the post on friday. if any of you can help, please comment before thursday so i can add you as an author so you can do the post.


if you do help then i will put you on my blogroll for a mongth at the least. i might offer you a full time job whitch equals a full time job on my blogroll!!! but only if the post is good enough. you will be aloud to put a link to your site on the post, so please do comment and help me out.

Thank You,

                           and goodbye from Brumm19!!!

Easter Egg Hunt

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here are the places of the eggs

first of all, go to the mine shack and click on the light as shown.


 then, go to the dock and click where it shows you.


 after that, take a trip to the pet shop and click on the red puffle egg(hard to see)


then go to the library(top level of coffe shop) and click on the cactus egg.


 go to the lodge attick to find the wooden egg


go to the gift shop next and click on the penguin in the poster.


you need to go to the plaza next, click on the light that is on the stage but not insside it.


the hardest one is this one, the ninja egg, it’s in the dojo but it moves around. Here are a few places it can be.


then claim the prize!!! (green bunny ears(you have to click on yes, not no))


hope you had fun doing the easter hunt with me, Brumm19. until next time,

Waddle On!!!

W.A.R season over!!!

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W.A.R season over so that we have time to build up our army’s again. i will do another post when it is back on but until then, spread the word to all of your freinds to fight for the weirdos(my team) or the dreaded robots(Wwezacs team).

if you want to join the W.A.R then please have a look at my W.A.R page for the details.

new pin

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hover over the book to make it fall, then click on it to collect it.


new games

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go to the book room to play thes games, you get to choose different stuff in the story.


grey fish with new rod

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if you have a look at the new sports catalog then the best purchase would be the fishing rod with a green end on it. then wear it when you go ice fishing with as much other clothes as you like and you’ll be able to catch grey fish, but they’re really hard to catch.


you get 8 coins for each grey fish, you get 4 coins for aech yellow fish.