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You Tube JammDoderBros

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i hav made a you tube account so plz visit my channel to watch the vids, there not cp vids but there funny, my fav is

J~D~B – Death Of Brendan Dodger

clik here to get to the channel

theres Gangster lady’s, Deaths, contests and much more

heres a taster: The death of Brendan Dodger

plz comment and subscribe


Hi guys If anyone is still viewing LOL

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Hey Everyone,

I was added to this place a long time ago.I just forgot that I was.Well my name is Cg7mv7.You can check out my blog at Well I might be posting here I might not Idk yet.Just thought I’d let you guys still viewing that I work here.SEE YA!

Im moving sites

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From now on I will work on Wwezac site which will be changing a bit

This is so we can have quicker updates and more fun

such as competitions, parties and we’ll be back doing W.A.R.s ( Weirdos against Robots

Got to

This site may stillhave a few updates


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sorry its late but my computer wasn’t working, but heres some stuff you can get in the new catalog and heres the new garden, my house.

 Brumm19\'s iglo witha garden

new pin/ rockhoppers game.

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if you want to go into rockhoppers main room then you have to get the new pin. to get the pin go to the coffe shop, go up a level to the book room, click in the library, click on rockhoppers journal, go to the very last page and click on the key. this is the pin and the key to rockhoppers main room. in the room you will find lots of sand pits, these are games, you work with a partner, if your first to the board you dig from the left, if second you dig from the top. the aim of the game is to uncover as much treasure before you run out ofspades. rubys are worth 25 coins, coins are worth 1. thank you for reading and goodbye.

Brumm19’s pc wont work for a few days

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Brumm19’s computer wont work at the moment I expect it will be running by saturday

just come back on this site around satyrday or sunday



Aqua grabber update

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There is a new update on aqua grabber so here is a BRAND NEW video guide from wwezac