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W.A.R season over!!!

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W.A.R season over so that we have time to build up our army’s again. i will do another post when it is back on but until then, spread the word to all of your freinds to fight for the weirdos(my team) or the dreaded robots(Wwezacs team).

if you want to join the W.A.R then please have a look at my W.A.R page for the details.


W.A.R cancled tonight

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because Wwezac is going to be away on holiday for the next few days, the W.A.R is cancled tonight but will be back on next sunday, im sorry for the Weirdos and Robots that were planning on going tonight but it can’t be done tonight. I hope you all find somthing else to do tonight but im afraid we can’t go on with it tonight. If you don’t have the slightest idea what i’m talking about then you will need to visit either the W.A.R page or the W.A.R catagory if you want to join in next time.


Posted in war with tags on November 30, 2007 by brumm19

 Who are you going to fight for!


If you have read the weirdos against robots on Wwezacs web then you might know we’re going to start having a Battle between the weirdos and the robots every weekend at the snow forts,the dock and the dojo.Aswell we will be rating each battle out of 100 and will be changing the leader board every weak with the name of the winning team with the date next to it so you can tell if you were involved in that fight.Obviousley we will be using snow balls as ammo because theres nothing else to use.I(Brumm19)will be leading the fight for the weirdos and my partner(Wwezac)will be in charge of the robots.For more info go to and remember to dress as either a Robot (robot clothes) or a weirdo (mix of clothes but nothing to do with robots)because witch ever you decide to wear will decide on whitch team you will be battling your hearts out for.