Christmas is just around the corner and we’re excited about all the events that are coming to Club Penguin this holiday season.But our most popular of all is the coins for change apeal.A total of $1 million Dollars will be sent to charity of your choice so make sure you have a say.


 Who are you going to fight for!

If you have read the weirdos against robots on Wwezacs web then you might know we’re going to start having a Battle between the weirdos and the robots every weekend at the snow forts,the dock and the dojo.Aswell we will be rating each battle out of 100 and will be changing the leader board every weak with the name of the winning team with the date next to it so you can tell if you were involved in that fight.Obviousley we will be using snow balls as ammo because theres nothing else to use.I(Brumm19)will be leading the fight for the weirdos and my partner(Wwezac)will be in charge of the robots.For more info go to and remember to dress as either a Robot (robot clothes) or a weirdo (mix of clothes but nothing to do with robots)because witch ever you decide to wear will decide on whitch team you will be battling your hearts out for.


We’ve already lost Alititude to the ultimate safe chatters.But now its our turn,so c’mon standard safe chatters of the universe,we need to fight back in the battles every weekend against the robots to regain our write to own servers again!



c’mon ultimate safe chatters,weve already took over altitude lets fight for some more servers in the battles that are on every weekend.We can’t possibly fail,havn’t you heard are name?We are the ULTIMATE safe chatters but we need to be dicised as robots to give them a shock!


look at the W.A.R on the catagories.

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