Aqua grabber update

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There is a new update on aqua grabber so here is a BRAND NEW video guide from wwezac


April Fool’s Party Cheats!

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The april fool’s party if here! The Propeller hat is in the ski village! Move your mouse over one of the mountains and theres a message! The swirly glasses is at the cove! Move your mouse over the umbrella  and it flies away! Move your move of the rock and something happens! Move your mouse over the sign and the trees shake! The forest is upside down!Remember to check out the rest of the rooms! And the new pin is at the mine shack,complete the dot to dot to get it!Oh and in the test servers at  ,you’re a green puffle! Here’s a picture of me!Green

Click to enlarge. You can do cool tricks too! But being a green puffle in the test servers is only today! Oh the paper dojo from last year is back! You can go on walls! And check out the iceburg! Well that all! Have a wacky April Fool’s day!From Please visit it!

New Penguin Poll!

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The New Penguin Poll Came Out! Check it out!Penguin PollI voted for How each egg was hidden!Penguin Poll 2Here are the results!:Penguin Poll 3

Yay! What I voted for won! Make sure to vote! From  Make sure to visit!

Penguin of the month gone!

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If you look at the newspaper,penguin of the month is gone! it was between the march party reviews and the in focus feature! its still in the swf(click on the bottom half for the newspaper on the newspaper widget,thats on my site,not this site),its a bug(in the end of this post,I tell you why they took it away)! From please visit it! (I now know an answer from club penguin support,its not a bug,they took it away because of the confusion it was causing,they only put it there because they wanted us to know that each penguin is special.)

New Newspaper!and new author!

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Hi and I’m Mario800123!I’m gonna be author here untill brum comes back!The new newspaper is here! It’s my favorite one! Here’s the cover!

Newspaper cover!

But my favorite part of the newspaper is this! Penguin of the month!

Click to enlarge! Everyones penguin of the month! Isn’t that cool? Remember check out the rest of the newspaper! There’s even an Ask Gary the Gadget guy thing! Remember to go to the jokes and riddles!And don’t forget to go to my site at And don’t forget to check back tommorow for the April Fool’s Party cheats!


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im going to go on holiday on thursday so i cant do the post on friday. if any of you can help, please comment before thursday so i can add you as an author so you can do the post.


if you do help then i will put you on my blogroll for a mongth at the least. i might offer you a full time job whitch equals a full time job on my blogroll!!! but only if the post is good enough. you will be aloud to put a link to your site on the post, so please do comment and help me out.

Thank You,

                           and goodbye from Brumm19!!!

Easter Egg Hunt

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here are the places of the eggs

first of all, go to the mine shack and click on the light as shown.


 then, go to the dock and click where it shows you.


 after that, take a trip to the pet shop and click on the red puffle egg(hard to see)


then go to the library(top level of coffe shop) and click on the cactus egg.


 go to the lodge attick to find the wooden egg


go to the gift shop next and click on the penguin in the poster.


you need to go to the plaza next, click on the light that is on the stage but not insside it.


the hardest one is this one, the ninja egg, it’s in the dojo but it moves around. Here are a few places it can be.


then claim the prize!!! (green bunny ears(you have to click on yes, not no))


hope you had fun doing the easter hunt with me, Brumm19. until next time,

Waddle On!!!